Six Star Hospitality

Abilitas Hospitality's Brand Message

Maximizing hotel's value with 6 star hospitality

Our '6 Star' brand message not only reflects our commitment to providing guests with the highest standards of hospitality, but it also represents Abilitas Hospitality's CLEVER guiding principles.(CONSCIENTIOUS FLEXIBLE TEAM PLAYER CREATIVE PASSIONATE RELIABLE)

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About Our Brand

ABILITAS is derived from the word ability, and it best describes the two things we are most passionate about:

  • Our mission to help facilitate the growth and development of the service abilities of staff at each property
  • Our determination to keep on refining our ability to make it happen - the ability to enhance the value and performance of each property and the ability to execute world-class operations with special knowledge and experience.

'A' Icon


Instead of the Abilitas brand, our exclusive 'A' Icon is used on our group hotels' brochures, business cards or websites to foster an identity within the group.

Awards to Group Hotels: Abilitas Hospitality group hotels are highly regarded throughout the industry

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