Abilitas Hospitality provides hotel and ryokan investment support with three business pillars of operations management, consulting, and master lease in the Asia Pacific with a focus on Japan. We provide a one-stop solution which is brand-neutral, flexible, and strategic.

Three Business Pillars to Support Hotel and Ryokan Investment

Operations Management

Our staff has enriched hands-on operational experience, supports group hotels and ryokans to generate Gross Operating Profits (GOP) by overseeing and being involved in operational activities.

Track Record

21 assets
5,419 rooms


Abilitas Hospitality provides custom solutions for various hospitality projects, including development of hospitality assets and due diligence.

Track Record

43 projects

Master Lease

Abilitas Hospitality leases buildings and facilities, and carries out hotel management as a business entity.

Track Record

1 asset
412 rooms

Hotel Business Expert Team

A wealth of management and consulting track record –
45 hotels and ryokans totaling 9,362 rooms
+ 43 projects in the Asia Pacific with a focus on Japan.*

*As of January 2017