Operations Management

Comprehensive support that draws on broad practical experience

We have a wealth of hands-on operational experience, supporting group hotels and ryokans to generate gross operating profits (GOP) by overseeing and being involved in daily to mid- and long-term operational activities.

A suitable general manager is dispatched following an analysis of the current situation and needs of each asset. The Operations team works closely with general managers to provide tailored support for the specific needs and circumstances of each hotel and ryokan. Going well beyond generalized consultancy, the Operations team works together with the hotel and ryokan team to review monthly performance results and short- to medium-term forecasts, as well as providing detailed advice and recommended action plans, bringing in external expertise as required.

Where renovations and improvements of facilities are required, the Operations team works closely with the hotel or ryokan, overseeing the project from its conceptual phase to design and implementation. Abilitas Hospitality works with trusted partners in design and project management to see each project through to completion.

  • Dispatch of general manager in line with asset profile and needs
  • Operational oversight and support, together with general managers
  • Comprehensive short- and long-term operational management
  • Formulating and monitoring of business plans
  • Customized support by each specialist
    • Operations
    • Sales
    • Marketing
    • Human Resources, Legal & Compliance
    • Finance
    • Technology
    • Engineering

Example Scheme

Operations Management

Track Record*As of February 2016

21 assets, 5,419 rooms