Providing Seminars, Performing Issue Analysis, and Proposing Mid- to Long-Term Strategies with a View to Improving Profits and Market Superiority

Measures to Expand Marketing Distribution Channels for a Small Hotel in a Regional Tourism Area


Hotel B is a small hotel located in a regional tourism area. It has been in operation for more than 20 years as a member of a prominent corporate group. Cash has been injected as necessary and renovations carried out. Until now, its main business has been owner-related guests and customers. Consultations were sought with a view to expanding marketing distribution channels and growing revenue, in turn diminishing dependence on the group and establishing its own operations as a hotel unit.

Abilitas Proposals and Implementation Summary

Specifically, Abilitas provided the following solutions as project-based support:

Abilitas Hospitality University Special Program Hosted

In order to understand the current conditions and ascertain the direction of improvements, Abilitas selected content from its training programs, customized it to meet the current needs and then held short-term intensive sessions for managers. The program included presentations by Abilitas’ group hotel on-site managers and hotel inspections which directly linked to implementation at Hotel B.

Long-term Strategy Formulation Support

Abilitas Hospitality performed an analysis of market trends and the hotel’s competitors, conducted operation reviews and provided support for the formulation of a mid- to long-term strategy with two improvement proposals.

  • An improvement plan built on the assumption of using facilities in their current state
  • An improvement plan built on the assumption of investing in new facilities

The analysis results included issues involved in operations such as structure of expenditures, organization and the PDCA1 process, and Abilitas presented solutions for each issue. In addition, Abilitas calculated the projected revenues and expenses if operations improvement was implemented for each case of the two proposals and provided support for the drafting of a detailed future concept which would lead to the mid- to long-term strategy.

  • Process of: P (Planning-establishing targets/formulating plans), D (Doing-conduct/implementation), C (Checking-process verification/evaluation), A (Acting-Putting into effect while making changes as needed)

A Word from the Person in Charge

In conducting the seminars, we held several detailed advance meetings with the client’s representative, gaining an awareness of future issues rather than just providing theoretical knowledge. As a result, participant satisfaction was enhanced, and we received many comments that the content would be directly relevant to the future.

December 2014