From spot to short-, medium- and long-term projects, we meet a wide range of needs,
including operations management consulting and investment support.

Please get in touch and tell us about the concerns you have or issues you are facing. We will categorize the information you give us to identify the underlying problems.
On the basis of your inquiry, we will ascertain the present situation and identify the problems. Depending on the circumstances, we may visit the client’s premises to address specific requisites. After hearing the details of the inquiry, we will confirm specific consultations and details of requests.
Based on preliminary meetings with the client and prior analysis, we form hypotheses for the resolution of issues. With selection of optimum participants for a project and full discussion, an action plan and project concepts are formed and a planning proposal document is prepared.
The project proposal is presented to the client. We offer our expertise for resolution of issues, and solicit client evaluation and study of the main points, project implementation possibilities, problem resolution abilities and others.
If the client accepts our proposals, a contract is concluded and support activity begins.